Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Get your own supervillain name from the supervillain name generator!

Your supervillain name is: Bane The Fearsome

You are one of the ancient Olympian Gods, sent to Earth to learn a lesson in humility! However, you have decided that instead, you will use your uncanny abilities to rule humanity, before returning to Olympus and conquering it!
Summoning the Dead – Your mystic powers give you the ability to bring any dead body back to life and control it – but only for three minutes!
Fear Powers – You have the ability to instantly instil fear into anyone's mind, from a mild scare to a heart-stopping burst of terror!
Now, with the aid of your trusty henchman Jimmy Nitro and your army of demon-possessed children, you bring terror and chaos to the streets of Steel City!
Get your own supervillain name from the supervillain name generator!

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