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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Drake, the Gold Dragon

Drake, the Gold Dragon

He was a gold dragon
A shape shifter
Drake was his name
He could raise the temperature
And generate heat
And cause things to burst into flames
He was born a dragon
But as everyone knows
The gold ones can look like us
He used his gifts to protect the weak
He didnt have to
He felt he must
One day, he was walking thru town
And in the alley he heard a scream
3 low-life thugs were robbing some girl
And harming people was their thing
Without hesitation the dragon went in
Shooting flames at the three jerks
They were not getting away from him,
Cause justice was his work
2 creeps ran for cover and tried to shoot Drake
From over there
But the heat that he was generating dissolved their bullets in mid-air
On the other side of the alley
The meanest thug had his victim and a blade
"Get out of here and let us go, or this bitch will die" he said
Well, that was a really stupid move
It just pissed Drake off
And suddenly, the thug dropped the knife cause it was so burning hot
In a split second, a stream of light knocked the villain outta the way
Then a wall of heat surrounded him and took the oxygen away
Then all 3 hoods passed out and fell to the street
When the cops arrived and found them, they had a tan that could not be beat.
The crime rate started dropping then
And i wouldnt call it braggin'
To say that the city owed a lot of thanks
To Drake, the gold dragon

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Captain Blaze and the Spitfire

Captain Blaze and the SPITFIRE

Long range scans proved I was right.
The outpost sent word they were coming.
They were there alright.
As we came in upon 'em, I could
See the name on her side.
SPITFIRE it said.
She was big and wide.
She had already destroyed the outpost.
She was still firing on it when we arrived.
"Shields up," I said from reflex.
"Phasers set on high."
We got her captain on screen.
I looked him in the eye.
"You've crossed our border and destroyed 3 outposts," I said.
"So what?" he asked, sneering,
And then, I heard him boast.
"Your puny starship can't defeat Captain Blaze."
"Surrender quickly," i said.
"Or you will die today."
They broke communication, and fired and hit our shields.
I thought of all the people those savages had killed.
"Torpedoes launch," I shouted!
"Phasers, open fire!"
By the time the fight was over
There was only dust left from the Spitfire.

I called HQ.
"They broke the treaty," I said.
"No, they were rogues," the admiral said.
I went to bed that night with a medal for my honor.
But i couldnt sleep, thinking of the families,
Who lost their sons and daughters.

Monday, April 9, 2018

roll the tape

videotape your family and friends. you never know when life will take them away from you. so get the video now. tape their smile and their jokes. their tears and their joy. their friends and their pets and their cooking and their hobbies. someday you will want to see them and they wont be there any more. even if the films seem trivial now someday they will be gold.

even if someone borrowed your camera and broke it. get another. use a cell phone. whatever it takes and as often as you can. tape them. because someday you will want to hear their laugh again. hear their voice again. remember the good times. because sometimes memories are all we have. and sometimes memory is not enough.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018



Silently he watches from the shadows
As she gets out of her car
As she locks the door and closes it
And she walks toward the bar

The beast within Tomas is thirsty
It will be satisfied
He cannot control its rages
This pretty young thing has caught its eye

He looks around the parking garage
To see that they are alone
Then he runs up behind her
As she is walking and talking on the phone

He bears his fangs and reaches for her
But his hand never connects
For another has witnessed his actions
And this plan he chose to wreck

Nick has grabbed this monster
And pulled him into the dark
And watched him gasp and struggle
To remove the stake that's in his heart

But Nicodemus is stronger
And Tomas has no chance
He ages and turns to dust
In Nicodemus' hands

The dancer does not notice
As she walks away
How death came knocking
And a vampire saved her day

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Zak, the Giant Slayer


Once upon a time a long time ago in a land far, far away, as many stories start out, there lived a young boy named Zak, who was known far and wide as the giant slayer. People often told the tales of his heroics by the campfire after supper and the children would listen quietly so as not to miss a single detail.

Zak was a young shepherd boy who often sang songs while watching his flock, and occasionally he would have to run off a wolf or two, he often watched the flock until supper time and made up fantastic stories about people and things he imagined seeing in the stars, and many was the night that the other children in the village would gather around to listen to his tall tales. 

The children would ask him to tell them a story and he would scratch his head and think about it for a spell, and then something would come to him and off they all went to imaginary lands in his mind.

One night, the children gathered around and begged him for a story and although he did not feel well that night, their pleads inspired him to tell them the story of another shepherd boy who cried wolf just for fun, and when the people came to his rescue as they often did, he would laugh and laugh at them. After several pranks from the boy, the villagers vowed they would not be tricked by him again, and so the next time, when he cried out wolf, they ignored him and went on about their business.

"Oh my, what happened?" asked Hera, a bright eyed little girl in the group with long silky hair and big brown eyes.

"Wolf ate him up," Zak said proudly. "And that is why you should never tell a lie." he pointed at the children to emphasize his point, and they all shook their heads terrified.

Suddenly the dinner bell rang and all the little children jumped up to run to dinner, but they could not get down the trail to the village because a big mean looking Cyclops was in the way and he looked hungry. The children had always heard that Cyclopes ate children and so they screamed and ran behind Zak.

"It's okay," he told them, "I will distract him and then you all run home."

Zak walked up to the Cyclops who looked at him and the children hungrily and raised his club, which was as big as a tree in the forest almost, and swung it at him with a mighty swing. Zak took a dagger from his belt holster and stabbed the giant in the foot. The giant Cyclops roared and tried to smash Zak with his club but he missed, then Zak ran out into the meadow with the Cyclops close behind. The giant had much longer legs than Zak so he had no trouble catching up with him quickly, but that was what Zak wanted because as soon as the giant chased him into the meadow, the children ran home to safety and now that they were safe and he and the giant were alone, Zak was going to teach that no good monster a lesson and how.

Zak grabbed his sling shot and a nearby pebble and he wound up a shot and hit the Cyclops right square between the eyes as fast as he could. Now the giant had been in the process of raising his heavy club to smash Zak  at the time and had both his hands high above his head and so he was totally defenseless against his assault.  The small pebble hit the giant like a bullet and knocked him flat on his back. As he fell, his head hit a rock behind him and killed him.

About this time the villagers came running with pitchforks and clubs and saw the giant Cyclops fall to his death and they cheered and ran to Zak and carried him victoriously home chanting "Long live the giant slayer" all the way. 

That night the village listened to the tale of Zak the giant slayer for the first of many nights to come, and soon his legend spread all across the land, to the farthest reaches of the kingdom and beyond.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Return to Sunnydale

Nothing was left but a huge crater. A canyon they called Sunnydale Canyon. The
township of Sunnydale was gone.

Thirteen days passed and then the trucks
came. And the workers. A foundation was laid at the bottom of the

Thirteen months passed and the new facility was almost done. The new
lab was creating hundreds of jobs even before it opened.     

Police were
concerned about the alarming reports of bat, wolf, and Racoon attacks. And
workers were plagued by flies and mosquitoes.  

The Raccoons were going through
the garbage every night and soon the workers were calling the plant Raccoon city.
The name stuck.
There were record high accident rates and mysterious
disappearances. Some workers were torn apart at night by wolves.

The first
buildings in the city were designed to be underground to conserve energy and
protect the people from bad weather.

Once the underground city was complete
the canyon was filled with dirt to keep the city cooler.

The umbrella
corporation was one of the most successful companies in the industry. They drew
many people to Raccoon city.
Now any city with a lot of people is going to
have some demons and vampires among other things.

I met Mic and Gabe in
a club in Santa Monica called The Asylum. Seemed an appropriate name as it was
full of vampires.
The elder vamps wanted to explore the ruins of Sunnydale
and take what treasure was left behind. Seeing as i had nothing planned for the
next hundred years or so i thought what the hell and went along.  

The new
city was growing fast above ground. People were moving in and starting new lives
unaware that the ghost town below them was a gateway to hell.

The only way
to get to the ruins now was via the new sewers. Place smelled like bloody hell
but the demons had dug out a tunnel to get to the surface.      

Michael had
compelled a demon to lead us to the city. The entrance was well hidden but the
demon knew where it was. Small chap name of L'Tiangle. I like to call 'im T. T
was a greedy lil prat so we had to watch 'im and our wallets closely.

T led us to the door but it was big and heavy and he couldnt move it.

Gabriel and Uriel helped Mic and me open the door and Gabe went in first.

The houses and shops had been pillaged by demons til there was almost
nothing left. Also the place was crawling with vamps during the day hiding from
the sunlight.

Sunny d had become the city of the undead i thought. And
about that time a vamp attacked T and tried to bleed him dry. Mic drew his sword
and beheaded the beast.
Mic and his friends weren't your average daemons.
They were elder demons and high up on the food chain; most demons knew better
than to mess with them. Stupid bugger, i thought as i passed by the vamp, who
was turning to dust.
Someone had rigged the cities lights to the new city
above and the street was lit up like bloody christmas.

As we passed the
Magic Box I heard a scream and a huge man eating bunny rabbit ran out of the
building as a fire ball hit it and burnt its fur. A vengeance demon came to the
door to throw another fireball but the bunny was gone around the corner. It was
Anyanka. "DAM BUNNIES" She said. " I hate rabbits"
Anya looked at me and

"Hi Spike" she hugged me. 
 "An youre alive." 
"Well, they gave me a choice.
Vengeance demon or the bunny cage. and I hate bunnies."
"And now i know why luv," I told her. I looked for the eight foot bunny but it was gone.
"O it will come back. They always come back. dam rabbit. What you doing here Spike?"

"Looking for buried treasure" I told her.
"Oh, you're a pirate now." 
T looked in the door of the magic shop.
"What are you doing?" An asked him
closing the door.
"That's T. He led us here."
"I see. Well pleased to
meet you mister. . . T" An smiled.
"God its been thirteen years now. How the bloody hell are you luv?"
"busy busy busy you know. Vengeance never
rests." she smiled and looked at the door. I come back here to use the safe
sometimes you know."         

"You in town for long luv?" I asked. 
"I have a lot of business in the middle east but I will be back soon." she smiled. 
"K well i will see you then"
An went inside and closed the door as we continued
towards the bank. A man screamed in agony from inside the shop.

It was good to see a familiar face again, but I almost felt sorry for the poor bugger
in the shop. What kind of agony was she putting him through I wondered?
A couple of blocks later we came to the richest building in town, the Sunnydale
Bank. It was not surprising that it was surrounded by goblins. They love
treasure you know.
A couple of them charged us, but Michael compelled them to
defend us and soon half the army was killing the other half for us. I hardly had
to lift my sword...

Once the fight was over, we left our bodyguards
outside and strolled inside the bank. Sitting on a golden throne in front of the
vault was none other than Mammon himself. Daemon of Greed and god of the greedy.
I chuckled to myself as I recalled encountering him before and dubbing him
Mammorys as his body fat count was terribly high and he had a large set of man
boobs on him.
" Get out," Mammon growled at us and sent his bodyguards
toward us. The large hulking Fyarl daemons came towards us and Mic cut the first
one up into little pieces.
"The leader of the Fyarl daemons ordered the
others to attack, but i asked him why he was defending Mammon and he looked at
"You speak Fyarl?" he asked me in disbelief.
"Well yes" i told him.
"Uganda too, long story. Anyway, why are you protecting this lowlife scum?"

I pointed to Mammon.
"He promised us a portion of the loot, " the Fyarl
"Oh I see,.. well, if you help us, you will get an equal share each
AND live to tell about it, yeah?"
The Fyarl looked at each other and then
turned and charged Mammon, who promptly screamed and vanished in a puff of
Then the Fyarl turned and looked at us. Mic looked in the leaders
eyes for a moment then told him to kill the others.  

"Hey, not cool," I told
"What you want to share the booty with all of them?" Michael asked.

At the moment all i could think about was cutting off his head, but i
decided to let it slide as the Fyarl would have probably killed us in our sleep

We loaded up our bags with treasure and then Mic told the
Fyarl to stay and guard the rest until we got back. Then we left Sunnydale and
headed for home.
I peaked in the Magic Box on the way out, but all that was
there were some torture instruments covered in blood.
It would be good to see
my flat in Santa Monica again I thought... 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dark Reaper


Albert had sent out for pizzas earlier. He was in the mood to celebrate his new promotion with his girlfriends, Diana and Christina, in his new 13th floor apartment. As the new CEO, he had cut no expense to impress his two favorite secretaries.

Albert had pulled a few strings to get the job, but that was just business. Anyone else could have done the same. The former CEO, Bill, thought he must have been dreaming when Diana and Christina flirted with him at the bar, drunk and frisky. He was just having a little fun, that was all.

He didn't know about the webcams they had hidden around the office. He didn't know that they were helping Albert set him up. He was surprised as hell, when he went into work that day and lost his job to Al. Very surprised.

Albert was never going to forget that look on his face. He was never going to forget that day as long as he lived. The shock in Bill's eyes. He thought of that image as a trophy. An award that he earned on his climb to the top.

Yes, Bill was surprised when he lost his job. Almost as surprised as Al was when he opened the door and saw a tall robed figure standing there. He didnt see his face. It was covered by the hood. The black robe covered all of his features in fact, very well. But Albert could tell the stranger before him was very strong as it picked him up like a toy and tossed him off the balcony of his new apartment.

He stood beside him and saw the figure toss him off the balcony. He looked over the edge and watched his own body hit the concrete below. He heard the girls scream and run out of the apartment.

He couldnt look away as he saw the blood streaming from his head below. He could tell that the reaper was leaving, but he couldnt look away just yet.

As the reaper walked through the door, Albert called to him. "Why? Why me?"

The reaper disappeared into the hall as Albert watched him leave. He couldnt leave the room to see where the reaper had gone. He couldnt turn on the TV and see if his death had made the news. He was trapped in his new apartment forever.

Cops came after a while to dust the room and check for clues, but they couldnt see him or hear him. He heard them talking amongst themselves. They didnt know who had done it and he couldnt tell them. No one even knew he was there.

They called his murder a suicide and took some pictures of the place. Eventually, they left him alone in his new apartment. They roped off the room and sealed the door, but he thought there was no need as he could not leave anyway.

Albert sat on the balcony all evening, staring at the stars. He wondered who would have done such a thing to him. He was just having a little fun, that was all.

"Hmm, are you dead?" asked a young girl who walked onto the balcony.

"You can see me?" asked Al.

"Well, yeah. It comes with the job," the girl looked off the balcony at the spot below. "Yeech, messy suicide. Lucky for you, you werent inside."

"No, it wasnt a suicide tho. Someone threw me off there. Big guy. Strong. Black robe and hood."

"Really? They said you jumped. They usually know these things you know." The young girl pointed to the clouds and shrugged. Then another hooded figure walked on to the balcony. He was somewhat shorter than the guy who had killed Al, but dressed the same. Al shuddered and backed against the wall.

"Hey, Leo, Al here says he was thrown off the balcony."

"Really?" asked Leo. "By whom?" Leo and the girl look at Al.

"Big tall guy. Really strong. Dressed just like you." Al points at Leo, and Leo looks at his robe.

"Black robe? and really strong. hmm. I didnt wear mine today. No time to change. Name's Cassie by the way." Cassie reaches for Al's hand and shakes it. Al is still trembling from the sight of the black robe Leo is wearing.

"Relax, Al, youre dead. Cant die again you know." Cass sits on the patio chair nearby. "So, this killer was a reaper, you say?"

"A what? And how do you know my name?" Al is freaked out pretty good by now. Leo sits on another chair behind Cassie and listens carefully for deets.

"We're reapers sweetie. We were sent for you when the guys upstairs found out you were dead. You know you weren't scheduled to die yet? We had no clue you were here at first."

"Okay, well, I was thrown off the balcony by a big guy dressed in a black robe and then he left through the door." Al looked at the locked door inside. "He just walked through the door. Did not even open it."
"Could be a reaper," said Leo, "but Al was not on the schedule for months yet."

"Wha- Wait - months?" asked Albert.

"Well, after a fall like that he ain't getting back in," whispered Cassie.

"We better take him to Ryan. See what he thinks. Remember that socialite in L. A.? Sounds like the same story." said Leo.

"Yeah, Ryan, should hear this one." said Cassie.

"What's going on here?" asked Albert.

"You sure he didn't ride down and hit his head?" asked Leo.

"Its okay Albert. We'll explain on the way." said Cassie as she lead him into the room. "You know, you're lucky you made the news or we might never have found you."

"Lucky?" asked Albert. Albert barely noticed that the reapers were walking through walls like him, but he was not interested in asking why at the time. Leo followed them into the room and looked around.

"Say Albert was this guy who attacked you transparent like us?" asked Leo.

"Uh, yes. He was," said Albert.

And then the three of them walked up to the mirror on the dresser and walked through to the other side...  
***to be continued---

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lance and the Ghost Ship

Lance and the Ghost Ship

Doctor Eli Zeus was not your average scientist and his team was certainly not your average team. Jinx was a master of magic and mystic arts and Dexter AKA Hack was a tech wiz of the highest order, and with our new team mate KB at the com, we thought there was nothing we could not handle....
Lance was sitting at the helm staring off into space when Jinx walked up to him and asked what's wrong. Dex was in the co-pilot's seat and flying to our destination. A distress call had come from somewhere behind Sirius and the team had been sent to investigate it. As we came closer and closer to our POI, Lance was becoming more and more distant I noticed.
"Oh, nothing," said Lance. "I guess I am just a little jet-lagged."
"You were tired, yes, but i sensed something more." said Jinx.
Jinx had this long black hair that went down to her waist and she kept it tied back on missions. Her skills with magicks were only topped by her mental abilities which included empathy and she always felt what we felt to some degree.
"Sometimes I have visions that could not possibly come true," said Lance. "It's nothing. Really."
But was it nothing? Lance focused on the flight path and began to watch the sensor sweeps carefully. He turned up the scanner so everyone could hear any radio transmissions from outside the ship clearly. Mostly, all we heard was static.
As we approached the Sirius 3 space station, something came over the scanner...
"SOS! SOS! Mayday!" The transmission from earlier was being sent again.
"Scan for lifeforms," said Lance.
I turned on every scanner at my reach and watched for green lights, but there were none.
"No signs," I told the Captain.
"I don't feel anyone alive either," said Jinx sadly.
"There were 12 crew members on that post before," said Lance. "Take us into orbit by the Sirius, Zan. I am going in to look around." Lance donned his ghost armor and he and Dex flew to the ship. It always fascinated me how those armored suits could literally fly through walls and turn the user invisible.
"Aye, Captain," I said as I brought the ship into orbit by the station.
Jinx took the con next to me and watched the monitors closely. "Locking transporter beams on them, Zan," she told me as she pushed buttons on the con panel.
"Standby to beam them out on the Captain's order only," I told her.
"Standing by," she replied.
The monitor was dark but the landing team could see much better than us. As they flew through the wall of the station. I heard Dex comment on how it was dark as a tomb inside.
"I don't know where the lights are here," said the Captain. "Activate night mode."
"I have the light controls," said KB from the back of the command center. "Switching on now."
I glanced at the monitor of the bridge and saw KB in her station. "Nice work, K."
"Thanks Zan," she replied.
"Be careful." said Doc over the monitor. He and his team were watching from home base.   
Once the lights came on everyone could clearly see the dead bodies floating around inside the space station. 
"No life signs," said KB sadly.  
"Lance turn on the ships com and get out of there," said Doc Zeus. "We can review there records from here." 
"Should we transport the corpses to home base, Doc?" Lance asked the question but barely noticed the answer.   
"Negative, not until we determine cause of death and scan ship for viruses."  Doctor Zeus was not wanting to bring any dangerous diseases back to the ship or to home base. 
"I have been running scans since we got in range, Doc. There are no detectable parasites or viruses on the station from our files," said KB. 
Thank you Kay," said the Doc. "Begin monitoring video feeds and broadcast all files from the ship at once. And Lance get your team out of there."    
"On the way back now, Doc. Looks like the crew was eaten alive by something big and mean... and carnivorous."  Lance motioned to Dexter to go back and turned to the door. "Lets go Casper."   
Jinx gasped and shouted,"Get out! Abort!" 
Dex phased through the door and flew back to the ship, but before Lance could leave, he was hit by a large alien beast that looked about like a dragon, at least seven feet tall. Lance was no small fellow himself and once he saw that beast facing him and snarling, he pulled a blaster from his side and fired heavily at it. As the beast fell back, Lance phased through the wall and flew to the ship. Everyone on board, sighed, except Jinx who was suiting up in an armor of her own. As Lance reached the ship, he saw Dex passing by him and firing, he turned to see the beast had busted through the door of the station and was in pursuit. Lance fired at the beast, knocking some of its protective scales loose and taking out one of its eyes. 
"Fall back, Casper," ordered the Captain. " Been a while since I fought one of these." Lance stood on the top of the ship with his magnetic boots holding him in place and he chanted as he reached behind his back. As the dragon came closer, it charged Lance and roared as it spread its wings wide. Lance pulled a large silver sword from behind him with a gold hilt and swung hard at the beast, cutting its jaw in two and then he quickly swung again taking off one wing. 
"Inside Dex! He shouted as he took the dragons head off on its return trip. The dragon's decapitated corpse floated off into space as Lance watched it go away. "Thank you, Excalibur." He said as he sent the sword back to its resting place with a Welsh chant. "No life signs..." Lance and Dexter phased inside the ship and sat down.  
"What the hell was that?" Dexter asked. 
"A dragon," said the Captain. "Zan, set course for home base. You have the com." 
"Aye, Captain," I said, changing the flight plan accordingly.  
"Are there more of those things?" KB asked. 

"Where there is one, there are more." Lance took his seat in the Captain's command center as the ship turned for home. As the Space Station faded into view, an uneasy feeling came over me that we were being watched. There was nothing showing on the sensor sweeps, but the sensors had not detected the dragon that attacked us either.

Jinx was still in armor and watching the monitors as we went into hyper drive. It seemed like she and the Captain knew something we did not... As the system faded from view, I could have sworn I heard a roar behind us, or maybe that was just the wind....


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lil Oprah Annie


Little Oprah Annie 
Went out for tricks or treats 
She was a witch again this year 
With pointy shoes on her feet 
Her little friend Nancy was a butterfly 
As they walked down the street that night 
A big house caught their eye 
It was large and spooky 
With cobwebs all about 
And a big old jack-o-lantern 
On the steps with eyes and mouth carved out 
As Annie walked the sidewalk 
Nancy fell behind  
Annie told her to come along 
And she heard a kitty whine 
In the distance a wolf howled 
Or maybe it was a dog 
Nancy turned and ran away 
As an evil laugh was heard in the fog 
Little Oprah Annie walked up to the door 
The call of all that candy 
She just would not ignore 
Her little hands trembled 
As she rang the glowing doorbell 
What would come to the door 
She really couldnt tell           

As the door swang wide 
She heard a growling dog 
And turned to see two glowing eyes 
In the distance by a log  
Screams came from inside 
And a shadow crossed the wall 
As a large witch with a pointy hat 
And green face came down the hall 
A little girl with a small dog ran out 
Annie did not know what to do 
As the witch came to the door 
And shouted "and your little doggie too/ 
Well, hello my pretty," 
Said the witch with a glare 
"Dont you look lovely tonight my dear 
Tell me who undoes your hair?" 
The witch reached behind the door 
And Annie thought to run 
Then the witch brought out a candy bowl 
And asked," are you having fun?"  
The candy bowl was full of treats 
Like candy corn and gum 
And the witch handed the girl an apple 
And said,"you look so very sweet"   
The witch invited her in for supper 
"The stove" she said,"is piping hot." 
Then Annie turned and ran away 
As far as her feet could be got 
She never looked back as she ran away 
But she heard the old witch cackle 
"Come back my dear!" the old crone shouted, 
"You forgot your apple!" 
Annie ran straight back home 
With Nancy right behind 
And they ran inside and locked the door 
Scared out of their minds! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

they only come for you in the darkness


It was a cold Halloween night, not long ago. and a young girl strolled into the woods. the moon was full and the stars were twinkling and she could hear the sound of the campfire crackling in the distance. kids playing and her friends laughing and telling jokes around the fire.

As she stepped into the woods, she heard crickets chirping and an owl hooting nearby. another step, and she couldnt hear the children or the campfire or her friends anymore. the moon was full and the shapes of the trees stood out in the moonlight. she stepped a little further in, and she heard the owl again and she felt the wind blowing her coat and hair. she thought she heard voices whispering in the woods, but all she saw was trees. she took another step and she listened for sounds. she heard the wind blowing and she thought she heard a young girl weeping in the woods for just a second. she heard whispers in the dark, and she felt something stroke her back, or maybe it was just the wind.

Another step, and she saw the foliage on the trees nearby. the woods were darker now, and she heard voices whispering something in the darkness around her. she looked back, and saw the light from the campfire. she felt the wind blowing on her face. she heard a girl crying up ahead. she heard someone whisper her name and she felt someone grab her foot. she looked down and saw that she had stepped into a vine with thorns. she heard a young girl crying up ahead, and she heard whispers in the wind. she saw three glowing figures in the darkness up ahead, for just a second. then she realized that she was just seeing headlights on the trees,... or was she?

The little girl stopped crying and called for help. she heard wolves growling near the child. the child screamed and called for help. she felt someone pull her hair back and whisper in her ear, "Join us, Lisa." she turned to see who it was and she saw a skeleton standing beside her, smiling, and reaching for her. "Join us," the skeleton whispered, its gold tooth twinkling in the moonlight. the wolves growled in the darkness now, and the small child screamed.

Lisa ran into the woods to get the child. into the darkness. to the weeping child. she ran to where the sounds were coming from and she saw a child's blue coat in front of a tree. she grabbed the coat, but it was empty. she saw ghosts and skeletons coming toward her. the woods were pitch black now. all she could see was the glowing ghosts and the white skeletons and, nearby, glowing red eyes. she heard growling, and then she saw a were wolf come to her. its glowing red eyes, and its bloody fangs stood out. it reached for her, and the ghosts chanted slowly, "Join us; join us; join us..."

Lisa gripped the coat tightly and ran back to the campfire. she couldnt see the fire anymore, and her fingers and toes were freezing. she ran for what seemed like an eternity. she could hear the wolves and ghosts following her. she couldnt see anything but darkness. she wondered if she would ever get out alive. then she felt something grab her head. her toboggan came off, but she kept running.

Suddenly, something grabbed her foot. she tripped and fell and lost her shoe. she heard the ghosts coming closer. and she felt the wolves breath on her cold cheek. "join us! join us!" the spirits called to her. she felt bony fingers grab her legs and arms. she saw red glowing eyes all around her. she heard laughter as she felt the hands pull her. dragging her into the darkness.

She kicked and screamed and shoved at the ghouls. she struggled until she was on her knees. then crawled for the clearing, screaming and kicking the hands off of her. at last, she made it out of the woods.

She ran to the campfire and went home. She couldnt turn off the light all night....

The next morning, she went back to the woods with her friends to look for her shoe. at the edge of the woods, they saw her shoe, stuck on a thorny vine. and a little further back was her toboggan stuck on a tree branch. they went inside and got the toboggan, but Lisa wanted to leave right away. as they turned to walk out, she heard the little girl scream behind her.

She turned around and saw the bloody blue coat lying at the foot of a tree, and beside it was a gold tooth. She turned to leave and she heard the skeleton laugh from the darkness. now everytime she turns off the lights, they come for her in the darkness. chanting her name, and beckoning her to "join us." but she will safe enough, for you see, they only come for you in the darkness....

Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018 #wordsmith

Your day is near
When people shake and quake
with fear.
They hope to pick a gift thats right 
and not end up in the dog house
that night.
This valentines day spend time with those who matter and forget spending money on things that dont. retailers dont want you to see this poem.

Monday, January 22, 2018

HorrorWood Books #GrandOpening #horror

Launching a new Book Shop today for Horror fans on my other blog

Amazon Outlet Deals

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Three Cross Hill Books

Grand Opening! Get your favorite inspirational reading and music in our new book store...


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