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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Book of Raymond

1. The writer writes from the head, but the poet writes from the soul.
2. The poet pictures images in his mind and then paints them in yours with words and phrases. 
3. poetry is a view of the world from the point of view of the dreamer who transforms his visions to words and publishes them for the world to share.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

turn your link list into a bookmarks list and keep your views

stop sending traffic away from your site with every click... turn that old link list into a blog list instead and every click on it will open a new tab. no more lost readers.... #tipoftheday 

Saturday, November 3, 2018


My new ebook at amazon about my fourth great grandparents, James G Wright and Peggy Young...

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Write on

write on
no matter where the day
may take you
no matter how many
forsake you
be strong
write on
never let the hard times break you
tomorrow's a new day
and it can take you
to a place where you know
you belong
just write on

the words may come when you
least expect them
you may not write them down
and forget them
but the music's always their
in your mind
just give it time
write on
someday you may find
the brass ring
and life some day
may seem worth
just carry on
and write on.

Friday, October 5, 2018

free education

there are two really good tools you can use to learn about almost anything. i mean you cant learn to be a brain surgeon without college. at least, i dont think you can. please dont try.
but if you just need to learn something simple and you dont have any money... story of my life... then these two little tools can be very useful...

  • youtube
  • google 
and you can learn about a large variety of topics that you may want to learn. how to start a business. how to change a carburetor. how to draw a horse. how to cook an egg. whatever you are looking for. these two lifelines can be a great place to start. 

clean your desk b4 u look for more work

some people just piss you off big time, like the douche who yells for more work to do when they havent finished the work in front of them. its like the crybaby who yells for more food on their plate when they have not eaten the food they have yet.
i have other things to do besides wait on your stupid ass all day. there are others who actually need work to do right now. when you clean your plate i will bring you some more.
what are you twelve? grow up or stfu.

follow me on google plus

follow me on google plus for the latest rants and writings of yours truly. or lock yourself in a closet and curl up into the fetal position if you are a crybaby. your choice.

nsfw. no crybabies

this sight may not be safe for work. if you are a crybaby and cannot handle it, dont read it. if you are offended by things that you should not be, seek therapy.
if you think that this site is offensive, you are offensive to me. seek therapy.

Prejudice against people who wear glasses

yes. there is a word for it if you are prejudiced against people who are visually challenged. if you bully someone who has a handicap and has to wear glasses you can get out your label gun and proudly give yourself the label of asshole.
being near sighted or far sighted is not something that people just make up. it is a genetic medical condition that folks are born with. we dont wear glasses because we want to. or because it makes you a babe magnet and girls cant stay away from you.
people are born with myopia, just like some people are born with parkinson's or tremors or blue eyes. we cant help how we are born any more than you can. 
if you made fun of the kid in school who had to wear the coke bottle glasses. if you called them four eyes or kicked them on the bus or tripped them or looked down on them because you didnt have to wear specs, yes you are a cunt. kill yourself or teach others to not be jerks to people with disabilities. you dont deserve to be happy and you wont until you change.
if you proudly look down on others who are different than you then you are a prick. fact.
now get your "i am an asshole" shirt and wear it with pride, dick. you dont deserve anyone's respect.

How to Start a Startup Business course completed.

if you make it wrong tell somebody

some people think they are great chefs and they make food and do things to it without telling you then ask did you like it and tell you why its made wrong after you ate it. these are not great chefs for they are making food the wrong way. 
if you want to get creative dont be a dick. tell somebody whats wrong with the mashed potatoes before you serve them.
people have allergies and stuff and dont need to be surprised. if you make it wrong tell somebody.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

halloween h20. the psycho is back. #review

he kills his older sis when she is 17. then he comes back in 15 years to kill his younger sister on her 17th, then he comes back twenty years later to kill his nephew for his 17th.
man his idea of a present sux.
halloween h20 from tony curtis' daughter and that guy from scream and vampire diaries. carpenter passed on it, but it turned out pretty good.
take the cutie from dawsons creek and the cutie from psycho add the cutie from halloween and a couple psycho references and some halloween references and an immortal creep who kills his family members on their 17th birthdays and you have a pretty thrilling movie ride. edge of your seat even.
now how do you kill an immortal?
there can be only one michael myers. or maybe two as it is on an alternate timeline where laurie's only child is now a boy.
of course, if it was made today by feminist ruled horrorwood he would be doomed.
all in all a good evenings entertainment. now off to bed with the light on of course.


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