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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sites of the Year

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

shh. its not a secret.

use cinammon to lower blood sugar. insulin will cause diabetes 2. diet sodas and food will make you fat and cause diabetes. fake sugar will raise your insulin resistance if you take insulin.

if you take insulin and dont eat sugar the insulin cant combine with sugar and instead stores in your cells causing insulin resistance which will make you fat and cause type 2 diabetes. shh. not a secret.

doctors cant prescribe healthy foods because there is no patent on them. thats on you. soon they may be prescribing gmo foods in place of meds.

they are telling farmers to get rid of their cows and natural seeds to reduce the food supply. they blame the cattle for greenhouse gases so that people will push for an extermination of cows, but now they want to produce gmo fake meat. why is peta not saying anything? they cant patent real meat and produce so making everything that you can eat a gmo makes them richer. they want to get rid of natural foods and make it so you have to pay them to grow your own foods. because the gmo foods can be patented. shh. not a secret.

they want to do away with money and give you a chip to store your money on.
that is bound to go well. then it will be so much easier to rob you. how long til bill gates gets robbed and his chip stolen? by chipping you they can force you to pay more taxes and track your every move. the chip will probably have gps on it too. so they can find you via satellite. as you read this, they are putting hundreds of satellites in the sky to track you with. and cameras on every street corner. also, they will be making you take the chip to "store your medical history" on. but we all know a card can be used for that. it will probably have your voter id on it as well, but you didnt hear that from me...

the corona virus may have killed a lot of people but the vaccine will kill millions when the vaccinated are exposed to 5g radiation for long periods of time.
the 60 giga hertz that 5g give off will make you sick and collapse your lungs but they will say the corona got you instead. yeah i know they told you thats just a crazy conspiracy theory but its no secret. do your homework and judge for yourself.
big brother is watching.
if youre not one of them you are the resistance.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Conspiracy Joe. Chapter 1

"They brought millions of illegals into this country and released the criminals into the population. Why? Maybe to set up a major event so they can declare martial law and take over the country and oust all the good people that are in charge."

"Oh I think you are right Joe. These bastards dont care about life. They want to cull the population and usher in their new world order."

"Exactly. Its all part of the plan. The FEMA camps, the coffins, the guillotines, its all about silencing the rebellion and reprogramming the population, John."

"I agree, Joe." says John.

"Thanks for calling John. And I am out of time now, but I will be back next time and we will take some more calls.  Dont forget to subscribe to my podcast and youtube channel and the blog if you havent already. Addresses are in the links. Til then this is Conspiracy Joe saying Be safe and be alert. If you are hearing this you are part of the rebellion."  Joe ends his podcast and goes upstairs to get a sandwich.

His daughter meets him at the top of the stairs. "Why are all your callers named John and Mary?" she asks.

"Anonymity," he tells her. "Big Brother might come looking for them. And some of them are actually in important positions where they can offer helpful information."

"They all sound like a bunch of loons to me," says his son, Johnny.

"Thats because you have been programmed to not believe them by the schools which are run by the elites." says Joe.

"Thats all just conspiracy theories, Dad. The government would not lie to us like that."

"Okay, maybe it is. I mean its not like they put up a monument in Georgia to guide the new world order or anything. right?"

"Oh Dad," says John as he leaves the kitchen to return to his game. "Hey Dad, we need to upgrade the wifi to 5G."

"Your 4G is fine. Besides 5G is too expensive."

"Its just a little more than we're paying now, Dad."

"You can survive without it a little longer, son." says Joe.

John groans as he returns to his game and Mary starts to make sandwiches for herself and her father.

"Some of the kids at school got sick this week. Do you think the new cell phone towers had anything to do with it?...."

"Well,  they are in the radiation field what eight hours a day? Carrying around cell phones in their pockets and surrounded by wifi...." Joe  starts. Mary looks frightened as she puts a sandwich on his plate. "It's probably not related.... But stay as far away from the towers at school as you can."

"Maybe you should wear a tinfoil hat to school." John shouts from the living room.

"That's not funny," says Joe.



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