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Monday, April 6, 2020

Conspiracy Joe. Chapter 1

"They brought millions of illegals into this country and released the criminals into the population. Why? Maybe to set up a major event so they can declare martial law and take over the country and oust all the good people that are in charge."

"Oh I think you are right Joe. These bastards dont care about life. They want to cull the population and usher in their new world order."

"Exactly. Its all part of the plan. The FEMA camps, the coffins, the guillotines, its all about silencing the rebellion and reprogramming the population, John."

"I agree, Joe." says John.

"Thanks for calling John. And I am out of time now, but I will be back next time and we will take some more calls.  Dont forget to subscribe to my podcast and youtube channel and the blog if you havent already. Addresses are in the links. Til then this is Conspiracy Joe saying Be safe and be alert. If you are hearing this you are part of the rebellion."  Joe ends his podcast and goes upstairs to get a sandwich.

His daughter meets him at the top of the stairs. "Why are all your callers named John and Mary?" she asks.

"Anonymity," he tells her. "Big Brother might come looking for them. And some of them are actually in important positions where they can offer helpful information."

"They all sound like a bunch of loons to me," says his son, Johnny.

"Thats because you have been programmed to not believe them by the schools which are run by the elites." says Joe.

"Thats all just conspiracy theories, Dad. The government would not lie to us like that."

"Okay, maybe it is. I mean its not like they put up a monument in Georgia to guide the new world order or anything. right?"

"Oh Dad," says John as he leaves the kitchen to return to his game. "Hey Dad, we need to upgrade the wifi to 5G."

"Your 4G is fine. Besides 5G is too expensive."

"Its just a little more than we're paying now, Dad."

"You can survive without it a little longer, son." says Joe.

John groans as he returns to his game and Mary starts to make sandwiches for herself and her father.

"Some of the kids at school got sick this week. Do you think the new cell phone towers had anything to do with it?...."

"Well,  they are in the radiation field what eight hours a day? Carrying around cell phones in their pockets and surrounded by wifi...." Joe  starts. Mary looks frightened as she puts a sandwich on his plate. "It's probably not related.... But stay as far away from the towers at school as you can."

"Maybe you should wear a tinfoil hat to school." John shouts from the living room.

"That's not funny," says Joe.


my new netflix series idea...

hey netflix... new movie series project.
the globalist elites bring millions of illegals into the country and then release a deadly super bio weapon of mass destruction and nanobytes and put up death towers to cover the world with deadly 5g radiation to kill billions of people. fill their food with sterilizing gmo's and their water with toxic mind numbing chemicals to keep them docile. fill the vaccines with poisons to sterilize them or kill them or give them cancer and bury them in mass graves to decrease the population to under 500 million. control the media and social networks to keep them from warning each other and use radiation to cause heart attacks to anyone who leads the rebellion. a mass genocide the likes of which the world has never seen. bio warfare combined with nanotech to cull the population of the world and bring in a new world government to rule over the slave state and serve the elites. terminator nanobots and biologically generated super viruses made from animal viruses and sprayed from the sky. they would tell people to stay inside of course to keep the elites safe but doom the homeless who lost their homes to bankers who unfairly increased their mortgages to bankrupt them and take their property.
that would make a hell of a series.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

the science of global warming

Scientists have said that the planets were formed when the sun exploded or when some asteroid or giant planet hit the sun or another planet. then the debris from the explosion was caught by the gravity of the sun as it was flying out into space. planets and meteorites became trapped in the solar system by the sun and all planets outside of the goldilocks zone were too hot or cold to support life. we of course know that stars are formed by a shall we say big bang and this is what creates a star and its solar system.
scientists told us that the planets began to circle the sun after it formed and slowly while circling the sun began to move ever so slightly closer to the star itself. the planet called mercury became the hottest planet as it is the closest and all the planets are moving closer to the sun each year making them warmer. of course, a tax will not change this. unless scientists find a way to reverse the pull of gravity. which they cant, the planets will slowly move closer to the sun until they are consumed by it.
in short, science has proven that the earth is being warmed by the sun and getting warmer each year as it moves closer to it and therefore science proved that the earth has never been warmer than it is today. only colder and less inhabitable and we should be looking for ways to move to a cooler planet instead of making up tall tales about warming cycles. but that is just my opinion and i am entitled to it. although it is based on scientific fact.

reduced income is not something we want to keep.

news anchors have it so good. they get paid big money to read from a teleprompter, and they dont know what its like to live on unemployment. those of us in the real world know what its like to get laid off and support a family with unemployment. we know that unemployment  only gives us 75 PERCENT of our usual income and we cant live off that for long. the left wants you to think we are making over 100 percent and we wont look for work because we make more. but that is just a lie. do they lie about us on purpose or do they really think unemployment insurance pays more than a paycheck?  we may never know. but someone needed to tell you the truth.
after losing about 25 percent of my income in the past two weeks i have time on my hands to watch them and let you know.
thank you for your time.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

all hope is not lost. not just yet.

growing up we were conditioned to follow orders. to be a slave to the masters of the new world order.
we grew to just accept that everything a politician said was usually a lie.
we grew to believe that all hope was lost and we could depend on the government to save us.
we gave up hope and happiness and the pursuit of happiness because we believed that we were outnumbered and outclassed and there was nothing we could do about it.
but there were people watching and they didnt like what they saw. they decided to band together and end this slave state that we were turning into. to destroy the deep state nwo's plans for a prison planet. a new world order global prison with the un as its masters.
all hope is not lost. freedom may yet prevail.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

youtube is not for the little guy. they should call it ourtube.

well basically you have to be huge to get any money from youtube. maybe they should change the name to ourtube. they certainly never give me any money for my creative works.
so any one could corner the market here pretty easily just by paying the little guy for the views he earns. thats fair right? if i bring you a viewer and you get a hit on an ad. it would not kill you to share the wealth now would it? i mean ten percent is better than nothing.
yep. if someone could just build a better youtube, they could get rich as hell pretty quick. just saying.

depopulation is killing the economy.

fixing the economy is easy. just stop letting idiots fuck it up.
stop letting leftists push idiotic agendas like depopulation and we will see more growth in the economy. stop sending our jobs overseas and wondering why the welfare systems and prison systems are on overload. stop pushing abortion on the poor and taking away their hopes and dreams. and most of all, stop taxing them to death.
if everyone was a millionaire, no one would mind paying more taxes.
no one who lives below the poverty level should have to pay taxes on their tiny incomes any way.
and congress certainly has no right to give themselves raises. if we cant do that why can they? congress should make minimum wage at the most. then watch how fast they would raise it.
should college be free? yes some classes. those that help people make more money. how many intelligent students never get to college because they cant get the money? and the huge need for medical professionals could be filled quickly if we just helped more people get their degrees.
and you shouldnt get a loan for college any way if you wont get a high paying job out of it. a doctor or lawyer can afford to pay off those student loans if youre going to take classes take classes that matter. classes that will get you the big medical incomes. dont waste your time or money on bs classes. life is short and they want to make you work longer.

term limits. voter id. electoral college. and more.

Term limits. Voter ID. Cap on politician salaries and pensions. And take back the money they stole from social security which BTW is grand theft. Career criminals in Washington belong in jail.
and a cap on salaries of 100000 a year is beyond generous especially for politicians who have basically done nothing but rob us for decades.
also, it should be illegal to take money from lobbyists and sell your vote to the highest bidder. isnt it already? well it should be if it isnt.
also, any politician who tries to bypass the electoral college has no business being in politics and should be removed immediately for treason.
just a few thoughts on my platform. can i count on your vote?

the retirement age shoulld be lowered

heard a journalist on the news say why not raise the retirement age to 70.
well lady some of us dont have pie jobs that will never cripple us up and kill us. some of us have to work hard for the money and we deserve to get to live a little before we die.
if you want to wait until you are eighty to retire go for it. but some of us may not make it that far. speak for yourself and stop pushing elite agendas that are unfair and impractical.
if anything the retirement age should be lowered.

Monday, December 23, 2019

jedis, mutants, and immortals.

spoiler alert....
1. Could palpatine be Vader's father? they never told us who his father was but it makes a lot of sense. the force was strong in anakin and the jedi could sense it from a distance. it makes sense that his father would be a strong force sensitive being like palpatine. ani had much fear in him and the sith thrive on power from fear. Being both an evil sith and a senator he would have no problem with raping a slave on a desert planet. In fact he probably has many children across the Galaxy.
2. midichlorians. jedi have them. sith have them. parents who have them pass them down to children. your dna comes from your parents half from mom. half from dad. so fifty percent of your midichlorians go to your children. that is why luke had so much trouble beating vader because the parent has twice as many midis as the child. each generation gets a little weaker you see.
3. the force. in the star wars universe there exists a cosmic thing called the force. you might even call it a cosmic being or a force of nature. jedi and sith can draw from its power and use it to do magical things. they can freeze blaster bolts. levitate. lift rocks and planes. throw people. choke people. control people. and tell them these are not the droids you are looking for and make them believe it.
its a pretty awesome skill to be able to control the force. but only those with a lot of midichlorians can do it. and the more you have the more you can do. the stronger jedi can overpower the weaker jedi because they have more power. more midis. however, the number of people in the universe who can use the force is a factor as well. when there are a lot of jedi, they all can use the force, but they are all weaker because there are more force sensitives in existence. the less jedi there are the stronger they become. this is why the sith keep killing them off, so they can be stronger. also, the sith lord will only allow one apprentice to live so he will be stronger as well.
4. the phoenix force. over in the marvel multiverse, there is a cosmic entity similar to the force called the phoenix force. those who can use its power are called phoenixes. they call themselves mutants but not all mutants can use the phoenix force. each mutant has different powers based on their dna.
children of mutants get dna from mutant parents and they inherit powers from them sometimes. you might say that the mutants who can use the phoenix force are force sensitives or marvel universe jedi. technically the marvel mutants and the star wars jedi are in different galaxies and may even exist in the same universe. further you could say that the jedi are mutants as they have unique powers that others in their galaxy have that come from their dna. so yes the definition fits. jedi are star wars universe mutants.
5. the less jedi and sith there are the stronger they become. if there are only a few jedi and sith left they become stronger because there are no others to draw on the force and so the last of the jedi have more power than they did when there were lots of jedi. sending anakin to kill the children in the temple made him and palpatine stronger and the other jedi as well, and that is why they all knew when it happened. they could feel the power surge and the loss of power in the galaxy.
6. highlander. much like the immortals of the highlander universe, when there are only two force sensitives left in the star wars universe, they both become extremely powerful and if one kills the other they win the prize of ultimate power and control over the force. in the end there can be only one.
however, when another force sensitive is born then there will be two again just as in the highlander realm where a new immortal can be born and the game starts over again.
7. jedi and sith are mutants. they have different dna from other beings in the galaxy and their power comes from their dna.
8. the sith are just jedi who do bad things. the sith and the jedi are the same except the sith do bad things that the jedi will not. they make a decision to go dark and they can change their mind any time they want to. vader chose to save his son and turn on palpatine for example.
9. Jean Grey is a jedi. So is her daughter Rachel. probably all of her children and their clones too. she can control the phoenix force so she is the marvel multiverse's Jedi knight.
10. The Marvel multiverse and the Star Wars multiverse may be the same. The stories take place in different galaxies so we cant say for sure that they are not in the same universes. imagine if thor or captain marvel went to the star wars galaxy. that would be awesome.
11. jedi are immortal, when they die they become a part of the force itself and continue to exist as a "force ghost." and they have more control over the force so they become more powerful than you could ever imagine. jedi have souls you guys.
12. jedi are metas. in the dc universe, the jedi would be considered to be metas or metahumans because of their mutant ability to control the force.

*epstein didnt kill himself in the Disney, Marvel, DC or Star Wars universes either.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Soon i will see 2020 and the 400th anniversary of Plymouth Rock

as a glasses wearer i am excited to say next year i will finally get to see 2020.
haha. no not 20/20. the year 2020.
my eyesight is worse than ever and getting worse but at least i get to reach a milestone next year.
all jokes aside....

next year will be the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower landing when four of my ancestors (maybe more) came to America and set foot on shore near Plymouth Rock.
John Tilley and his wife Joan Hurst and their daughter and her husband John Howland were on that voyage. Although John Howland fell overboard on the way, he was rescued and later married Elizabeth Tilley and now here I am four hundred years later. Yay me!
My grandmother, Mamie Catherine Collins was a descendant of the Pilgrims and that makes me one too.

why the new twitter sucks

ridiculously not user friendly anymore. its hard to tweet anyone or find a button to send a tweet. nothing was wrong with the old layout but now i cant even talk to anyone.
why fix it if it aint broken?
now gab has the right layout. guess i will just use it from now on.
cant stand twitter now even ignoring the censorship.


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