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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

book or blog? writing in the digital age.

well that seemed like the fastest year ever. the days just flew by and some of my work vanished in the wind. like journalspace just deleted everything that one year. so to has and now vanished in a puff of smoke. dont think i had anything unique on either site but if i did its gone forever. just like bebo and xanga. some sites you just cant trust.
its better to write books than do blogs for your poetry or fiction or novels. at least there is a good chance that amazon wont go poof in the wind. save the blogs to be home pages to promote your books or art or just to keep followers up to date. 
never know if your inks will be available online next week or not. 
and if you start a blog pick a site that might be there still in eight or nine years. and keep backups if you can. 
i loved writing at journalspace but one day it just vanished.... 
keep the hard copies and keep dreaming. 
better to write in a notebook and then transfer to a word or google doc. and no one is going to buy your book if it is available for free online. maybe if theres just a teaser to get them hooked, but not a whole book. 
keep dreaming and reaching for the stars. 
c u

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

turn your link list into a bookmarks list and keep your views

stop sending traffic away from your site with every click... turn that old link list into a blog list instead and every click on it will open a new tab. no more lost readers.... #tipoftheday 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Book of Raymond

  1. The poet paints pictures in your mind with words and phrases. 
  2.  The writer writes from the head, but the poet writes from the soul.
  3. The poet pictures images in his mind and then paints them in yours with words and phrases.
  4. poetry is a view of the world from the point of view of the dreamer who transforms his visions to words and publishes them for the world to share. 
  5. To know who you are you have to know where you came from.
  6. The true artist paints from the soul and true beauty comes from within.   
  7. poetry is a journey of the mind through the ink of a pen in the hand of storyteller with a vision read by a viewer and translated into the minds eye. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Write on

write on
no matter where the day
may take you
no matter how many
forsake you
be strong
write on
never let the hard times break you
tomorrow's a new day
and it can take you
to a place where you know
you belong
just write on

the words may come when you
least expect them
you may not write them down
and forget them
but the music's always their
in your mind
just give it time
write on
someday you may find
the brass ring
and life some day
may seem worth
just carry on
and write on.

Friday, October 5, 2018

free education

there are two really good tools you can use to learn about almost anything. i mean you cant learn to be a brain surgeon without college. at least, i dont think you can. please dont try.
but if you just need to learn something simple and you dont have any money... story of my life... then these two little tools can be very useful...

  • youtube
  • google 
and you can learn about a large variety of topics that you may want to learn. how to start a business. how to change a carburetor. how to draw a horse. how to cook an egg. whatever you are looking for. these two lifelines can be a great place to start. 

clean your desk b4 u look for more work

some people just piss you off big time, like the douche who yells for more work to do when they havent finished the work in front of them. its like the crybaby who yells for more food on their plate when they have not eaten the food they have yet.
i have other things to do besides wait on your stupid ass all day. there are others who actually need work to do right now. when you clean your plate i will bring you some more.
what are you twelve? grow up or stfu.

follow me on google plus

follow me on google plus for the latest rants and writings of yours truly. or lock yourself in a closet and curl up into the fetal position if you are a crybaby. your choice.

nsfw. no crybabies

this sight may not be safe for work. if you are a crybaby and cannot handle it, dont read it. if you are offended by things that you should not be, seek therapy.
if you think that this site is offensive, you are offensive to me. seek therapy.

Prejudice against people who wear glasses

yes. there is a word for it if you are prejudiced against people who are visually challenged. if you bully someone who has a handicap and has to wear glasses you can get out your label gun and proudly give yourself the label of asshole.
being near sighted or far sighted is not something that people just make up. it is a genetic medical condition that folks are born with. we dont wear glasses because we want to. or because it makes you a babe magnet and girls cant stay away from you.
people are born with myopia, just like some people are born with parkinson's or tremors or blue eyes. we cant help how we are born any more than you can. 
if you made fun of the kid in school who had to wear the coke bottle glasses. if you called them four eyes or kicked them on the bus or tripped them or looked down on them because you didnt have to wear specs, yes you are a cunt. kill yourself or teach others to not be jerks to people with disabilities. you dont deserve to be happy and you wont until you change.
if you proudly look down on others who are different than you then you are a prick. fact.
now get your "i am an asshole" shirt and wear it with pride, dick. you dont deserve anyone's respect.

How to Start a Startup Business course completed.

if you make it wrong tell somebody

some people think they are great chefs and they make food and do things to it without telling you then ask did you like it and tell you why its made wrong after you ate it. these are not great chefs for they are making food the wrong way. 
if you want to get creative dont be a dick. tell somebody whats wrong with the mashed potatoes before you serve them.
people have allergies and stuff and dont need to be surprised. if you make it wrong tell somebody.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

halloween h20. the psycho is back. #review

he kills his older sis when she is 17. then he comes back in 15 years to kill his younger sister on her 17th, then he comes back twenty years later to kill his nephew for his 17th.
man his idea of a present sux.
halloween h20 from tony curtis' daughter and that guy from scream and vampire diaries. carpenter passed on it, but it turned out pretty good.
take the cutie from dawsons creek and the cutie from psycho add the cutie from halloween and a couple psycho references and some halloween references and an immortal creep who kills his family members on their 17th birthdays and you have a pretty thrilling movie ride. edge of your seat even.
now how do you kill an immortal?
there can be only one michael myers. or maybe two as it is on an alternate timeline where laurie's only child is now a boy.
of course, if it was made today by feminist ruled horrorwood he would be doomed.
all in all a good evenings entertainment. now off to bed with the light on of course.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Cover drift away

Cover proud Mary

Cover of sound of silence

Cover of still the one

Cover of bartender

Collab on a whole new world.

Collab of shut up and dance with walk the moon

Collab on part of your world.

Collab w LeAnn Rimes- can't fight the moonlight

Cover of it was almost like a song

Cover of sunshine on my shoulders

Cover of the rose

new address for my art page at facebook...
with the latest art news from the studio and the latest art pieces posted. like and follow me there...

my Video Builder Agency

i have a video builder agency. lets call it a vba.
i make short digital videos with it and use them on youtube.
if you need a digital video ad [dva] for your business give me a holler.

now on canva

my new project is making logos on canva. logos are just one of the things you can make at canva and i hope to get lots more use out of it. check it out at the link below.
if you need a logo for your site or business maybe i can help. for a small donation of course.

ray tv is now on facebook.

my youtube channel is now on a facebook page. this will hopefully get a few more views.
you can check it out on facebook and please like and share. also, i need more views and subscribers on yt.


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thank you for reading.

could all hel break lose in avengers 4?

could all hel break lose in avengers 4? #spoilers...

well at this point we know that hela is not only a superpowerful goddess but also the rightful heir to the throne of asgard. and one hell of a powerful warrior. the goddess of hel and executioner of odin was a powerful force in the conquest of the nine realms and basically odin's powerhouse back in the day.

of course i am talking about the mcu hela who took the throne after the death of odin. and one of the reasons that thanos did not come looking for the stones sooner. but once odin died, thanos saw the opportunity to go for it and he went.

now i am pretty sure that hela has finished her battle with surtur at this point as all she really had to do was take his crown off his big head, and she may have even started rebuilding asgard by now. but one place she ruled and no doubt, still does is hel.

as the goddess of death and ruler of hel, she pretty much has some amount of power over death itself. and who does thanos actually love? death.

in the comics, thanos and hel had a romance for some reason, but i dont see that happening in the mcu. if anything i suspect that thanos killing half of asgard, well more than half, will probably piss off their queen and just might send her on a quest to kill him.

or at the least, she might give loki his freedom for some reason or another and send him after thanos. or she might give him to thor to go after him as this dude is an enemy of asgard. and even though the refugees of asgard left the planet, she still basically considers herself its queen.

now while thanos definitely would have thought twice about coming to earth while it was under the protection of odin, he did not really see thor as a threat, but one of the main reasons he did not mess with odin was hela, his enforcer and executioner in the old days. so its highly likely that the master of war and death herself would be more than a match for thanos and his army.

so though the marvel crew may not have thought about hela joining the war against thanos, i dare say she would be one hell of a powerhouse for the avengers. alongside loki and thor, thanos just might have a problem on his hands.

i doubt that she will join the fight, but wouldnt it be a great battle. 
also, when you put three gods in a team against the titan and we know that captain marvel will be there and the hulk, and some cosmic beings that are more than likely not pleased with his genocide of their races, avengers 4 looks to be the biggest kick ass battle of all time.

time will tell how it all unfolds, but after the damage control from the snap is all over, i suspect that thanos is going to see very little peace on titan in the future.

well thats my thoughts for now on the upcoming finale to the thanos war.

will thanos survive the final battle? will anyone care if he doesnt? did loki go to hel? will thunderbolt ross realize that the earth without the avengers will cease to exist? will j jonah jameson write a wonderful eulogy for spiderman? could an army of dead vikings attack thanos' army? could groot grow from the stormbreaker and fight alongside rabbit? is tree groot's real name? isnt groot technically a plant anyway? did thanos kill half the bees?
probably not. but time will tell...

Monday, July 23, 2018

where to sell your books or start your business on the side

my personal book store is at gumroad... publish there and you get fifty percent of sales. they take half and you get the rest. and its easy to upload a pdf there and a cover....
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my thanks to you for reading...
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if you are a writer looking to publish those sites are the way to go. no middle man to tell you no its not good enough or charge you an arm and a leg to get started. publishing at amazon and gumroad is free. and no fees are charged to authors.

rayshire mall
ray mart mall and reseller center

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 i do not collect info from anyone here or anywhere else on my site. all sales are off site on other sites. the only ads here are affiliate links like google ad sense. i also sell zazzle and amazon merc but on their platforms only. i provide some search engines but they link directly to the home sites.
companies that collect personal data are not welcome here. and that is all i have to say about that.
[insert gump memory here... ]
the best way to avoid cookies online is to not go online... also chromebooks are more reliable at avoiding spyware. i recommend chromebooks to all my friends.


my affiliate site is open 24/7 and selling merc from amazon and zazzle and vida and more... more products added daily... and you can shop from home. on the couch. in your pajamas... check it out...

Sunday, July 22, 2018

books available at amazon

hey guys, my ebooks are at amazon and you can read for free with a prime membership... or you could just buy it.
the fiction that was previously in my blogs is now in my books if you are looking for it...
as an amazon author, i not only get royalties from the sales but i also get royalties from prime readers too. the future of publishing is amazon.

books by ray at amazon...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Doctor E. Doom: The Doctor's office.

Doctor E. Doom: The Doctor's office.: Doctor's orders. more of a suggestion really... natural remedies for common ailments....  *this post is not intended to diagnose, tr...

Monday, April 9, 2018

roll the tape

videotape your family and friends. you never know when life will take them away from you. so get the video now. tape their smile and their jokes. their tears and their joy. their friends and their pets and their cooking and their hobbies. someday you will want to see them and they wont be there any more. even if the films seem trivial now someday they will be gold.

even if someone borrowed your camera and broke it. get another. use a cell phone. whatever it takes and as often as you can. tape them. because someday you will want to hear their laugh again. hear their voice again. remember the good times. because sometimes memories are all we have. and sometimes memory is not enough.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018 #wordsmith

Your day is near
When people shake and quake
with fear.
They hope to pick a gift thats right 
and not end up in the dog house
that night.
This valentines day spend time with those who matter and forget spending money on things that dont. retailers dont want you to see this poem.

Monday, January 22, 2018

HorrorWood Books #GrandOpening #horror

Launching a new Book Shop today for Horror fans on my other blog

Amazon Outlet Deals

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Three Cross Hill Books

Grand Opening! Get your favorite inspirational reading and music in our new book store...

Friday, January 19, 2018

January Snow #Snowmageddon18

January snow. 
All over the town. Covering the trees.
 The car and the ground. Cold and windy breeze. 
Fingers turning blue. Winter days are short.
 And lonely without you.

Art Mart Grand Opening

art mart is now open 24/7 on my art blog...
art by ray

art mart coming soon

my new art store is coming soon. stay tuned...

Devil's Daughter Scare Prank!

Comic Stop Grand Opening

Grand Opening!!! My new comic shop is now open. My dream came true. Also you can search for other things at Amazon as a bonus. Buying from my shops helps support my family and pay the bills. Thank you for your support.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Movie Hut #Tbt Grand Opening!!!

Grand Opening Today! Always wanted my own movie store and now I have partnered with Amazon to make that dream a reality. Check out the Search Engine above to find your faves. Also it is Throwback Thursday and here are a few of the great movies that have come out recently. Enjoy...

popular movies and books from the past... its Throwback Thursday!
Welcome to my new movie store. Here are a few goodies you might like to add to your collection... 

Snowmageddon 2018

The blizzard started right before i had to leave for work and was going strong as i was trying to get there on time. This morning I could barely see the road for all the snow flying at me on the way to work and i kept wondering why they would not close the plant during a blizzard like this. As usual, the weather men said there would not be much snow. they always get that wrong when the second snow comes and its always the big one so i knew they were wrong when they forecasted a little snow. about an inch. instead we get about four or five inches in the eight hours i spent working and worrying if i would be able to make it home without a tow truck. but as the clock kept ticking, the blizzard kept blitzing. of course six inches of snow is about the usual for january here and i know a lot of places up north got worse. one reason i never moved north. the main reason actually. but we usually get a small snow in the winter around january ish and then a little later a big snow. i dont mind the snow if i dont have to drive in it, but when i have to go to work in it, that really sux. and its not like an employer is going to pay my repair bill or towing bill if i crash or slide into a ditch. they should have to if they make you come in but big bro dont care about the little guy.
anyway when the big one hits, its kind of pretty the first day, then the night falls and the temps drop even lower and all the snow thats been crushed or driven on or walked on turns to ice. and the next morning, the back roads that dont get salted for days turn into a frozen wonderland where you can go skating for free in your car if you go out. is any minimum wage job worth a crash and repair and possible hospital bill or worse? no. its not.
so tomorrow when the roads outside become a high risk poker game i will be home in my nice warm bed. and if i have to get another job the next week so be it. this small time job is not worth my life.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Auto Bio


I am a blogger and artist and author, single parent, grandparent, and family historian. I am a fan of music and movies and fan art and comics and graphic novels. I am a DUNGEON MASTER and former NOTARY PUBLIC.






I am an author and have self published at LULU and AMAZON KINDLE among other places.





Buffy episode one... a review

Hot hot hot blonde. bad dream. SUNNYDALE HIGH... SHORT BUSES. SHORT BUSES? Yep.

Can I have you? great question Xan.

first day of school ... subject BLACK PLAGUE... foreshadowing???

Cordelia. major B... and nosey....

school library empty always so empty... statement???

Well i heard from Blue and she said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH... dont know any girls named Blue. what kind of name is Blue?

gym was cancelled due to the extremely dead guy in the locker.... if this had happened today, school would have been cancelled and everyone rushed from the building.

dead guy is locked in the locker room... and covered with a blanket.... no police in a one starbucks town i guess.

theres a time life series? where?

OK what do i want?

to kill em. to kill em all...

lucky he found the right girl or that would have been way creepier...

and btw kudos to xander for catching that skateboard that was way in front of him when he fell down on his back...

the sleeper will wake and the world will bleed...

seize the moment cause tomorrow you might be dead. foreshadowing...

classic show. hot blonde. small cross....

best show ever...

Storyteller now available on Amazon!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Best Films of 2017.#MyPicks #BestFilms

  • Logan
  • It
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Wonder Woman 
  • Thor: Ragnarok 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2  
  • Lego: Batman Movie  
  • Spiderman: Homecoming 
  • War for the Planet of the Apes   
  • Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle  
  • Justice League  
Although I have not seen the Justice League movie yet, I have no doubt that it will be a good one and so I will give it my 2017 No Prize Award in good faith with all the rest of the great movies named here...
The new It was darker and scarier than the first and edgier and a great ride.
Ragnarok was one of the best Thor films if not THE Best and thankfully did not tell the Mythological version.
Guardians 2 was so great in so many ways even though they changed StarLords father to Ego. Adding Mantis to the team kind of made up for that unnecessary goof. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

new years resolutions

my new years resolution this year is to post more on the blogs than i have been doing last year. or did last year. whatever. hope to see you back to read.

 i have been very busy in the past few months what with working full time to support my family and my daughters funeral and taking care of my mom since pop died and publishing some books on Amazon.

This year i hope to monetize better and pay the bills AND set back some retirement funds. in the past, have had to close my ira's to pay bills. and every time i have to change jobs they close my retirement accounts and i have to use the money to survive due to my lack of savings. retirement funds should have more consideration for their customers. leaving a job does not mean you do not need to retire some day. and my income is now much lower on the new job too.

hope to find a better income soon as i may not be able to work until i am ninety five. also, looking for more sponsors this year. please excuse the ads they are necessary and important.

big changes coming this year so please subscribe and stay tuned... oh and feel free to buy from the new shops... please.


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