Saturday, December 13, 2014



and so as the year winds down to a close and the little baby new year prepares to take the throne, a lot of people are looking back over the year and making lists and giving out awards. Well, here are a few of my picks for 2014... AND a nifty little gif I made for them...

My new favorite website is the place to go when you need to make a cool .gif for a post or website or AWARD like the one above that I made at http://MEMEGENERATOR.NET. Thanks MEME GENERATOR!

I really think a lot of Genealogy Bloggers will agree with this pick, as this blog inspired so many of us to new heights of accomplishment. With the 52 ANCESTORS IN 52 WEEKS CHALLENGE over at, Amy Johnson Crow was a leader in the Genealogy Blogosphere this year, and by the way you can find a lot of good reads there if you are into reading by any chance.

Acting isnt the hardest way to make a living of course, but playing four characters simultaneously and pulling it off is certainly not easy either. I and a lot of other fans were particularly impressed with the mad skills of NINA DOBREV this year as we have been for many years in the past. As she pulled us into her world of pain and heartaches as the beautiful but often damsel-in-distress, Elena Gilbert, and the evil but almost too cute to hate Katherine Petrova in the Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals. Excellent work Nina.

With her amazing vocal range and her hip hop beats, ARIANA GRANDE is absolutely addictive, and those legs arent bad either. Loving her a little harder every day, er, more every day. Keep belting em out and we will keep buying Ari.  

If you are looking for a song that tells a good story and sounds great you can probably find something you like on a TAYLOR SWIFT album. I know I can. Songs arent just about a drum machine and a snappy hook. They should tell a story and my favorite storytelling songwriter this year was Taylor.

OK , so its a new show, but it follows the MO of the awesome movie by Keanu Reeves, and the TV show is every bit as entertaining and thrilling. So my new favorite TV show this year is CONSTANTINE over at NBC.

If anyone can pull off a nerdy, anal, OCD- driven, immature scientist who seems to have been born on Vulcan and keep us laughing all the way to the comics shop, it is BIG BANG THEORY's Doctor Sheldon Cooper, who seems to be only one yellow ring away from becoming a Super Villain of global proportions. Some pretty impressive acting by JIM PARSONS.

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